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thx for the reply, the biggest issue with the multiclock or acme is the price. it would cost more than most of my equipment...
it seems to be that the USAMO is pretty user unfriendly at least thats what some comments say.
The usamo won't allow you to compensate start in delays of different machines, the only thing it will do is giving a "jitter free" clock. I am working with a hybrid setup too mostly using the on board sequencers of my hardware while using fx, samples and sometimes drumloops in the daw. I've went through hell for years trying to get everything to sync up perfectly and after deep frustration I spent the money for a Multiclock and it was the best decision I've made since the entire workflow and setup made a big profit. Sometimes tools which don't look like fun and expensive for what they do at first sight will bring more fun to an existing setup which didn't work flawless at second sight.