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hey, i didnt want to open a new thread for my question , so maybe somebody can help me here.
i want to sync my 606,707 and xoxbox with ableton (ableton as master clock).
at the moment i got the problem that as soon i press play in ableton, the synths are not playing in sync 100%.
it also seems like my recording in ableton has some latency because of the unstable midi clock from ableton.

could the MSY-2 solve my sync/timing problem or are there any other options which are not super expencive or user unfriendly like the multiclock, sbx 1 or USAMO?
With the multiclock you can adjust different start in delays of different hardware sequencers and you'll have all of them in the grid Same with SND Acme. It might be expensive but if you're running a hybrid setup it will pay off and you will be happy that you made that investment. What's user unfriendly about the Multiclock?