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I cant help you with that im afraid. Im not familiar with the gear you have so not sure what cc's you will need.
Midi itself isnt that complicated for 90% of the things that most people need. Assign cc to a knob or button and its good to go. The other 10% most people never use. Which are things like rpn's, nrpn's and sysex. Those can be quite intimidating but you will probably never need to get involved with stuff like that. For now at least, stick to cc's.
You should be able to find a list of cc numbers and what they control, most things follow a standard format so a generic cc list should get you going.
Experiment and have fun. It can be frustrating getting it to work but its worth it in the end.
When i was learning this stuff there was no internet and i couldnt find a book so for me it was a case of trial and error.