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Old 27th August 2019
Here for the gear

I own a pair and I think they are fantastic for the price. IMO they are very similar to Neumann km184s. They are very clean, a bit of a high end peak, fairly quiet, great transient response and "pop" on percussive sounds (guitar plucking, piano hammers, drums etc.). These are one of the first SDCs I would recommend under $1k. For different purposes, I'd also like having an SM81 at my disposal (less of that 3d "pop", but more of a meaty less clean characteristic). There are certainly better mics than the sE8, but personally I think it sounds just as good as many microphones in the 600-1000 dollar price range, and I would only upgrade for something much more expensive (i.e. KM84, Soyuz SU-011, Sennheiser MHK series, etc.)

So basically, I think for the price, they are great all-purpose SDC microphones. Kinda bright though.