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This illogical idea comes up every time there’s a “the cheap one is exactly the same” thread here and I think it deserves some unpacking:

So a person has tied up $10,000 in a mic they could replace with a $100 mic, allowing them to sell the $10,000 mic and have $9900 in the bank yet somehow this seems to you to be an incentive to lie about the superiority of the $10,000 mic? Please explain how that makes sense to you? Is your idea that if the person were to agree that their $10,000 mic was no better than the $100 mic that their “investment” would just go “poof” and they’d be out $10,000? If so, I’d suggest that your idea hasn’t been very well thought out.
Because people are not rational. They might even lie to themselves. If that argument was true there would be no need for placebo and blind test studies.

Btw: I accidentally hit the report instead of quote button on your post. I’m terribly sorry Small screen, early morning, clumsy fingers. I wrote moderators and asked them to disregard it. :-) Please don’t take it personally:-)