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Only issue is that people who have invested 10000$ in a mic are probably not willing to blind test it against a 100$ mic ;-)
This illogical idea comes up every time there’s a “the cheap one is exactly the same” thread here and I think it deserves some unpacking:

So a person has tied up $10,000 in a mic they could replace with a $100 mic, allowing them to sell the $10,000 mic and have $9900 in the bank yet somehow this seems to you to be an incentive to lie about the superiority of the $10,000 mic? Please explain how that makes sense to you? Is your idea that if the person were to agree that their $10,000 mic was no better than the $100 mic that their “investment” would just go “poof” and they’d be out $10,000? If so, I’d suggest that your idea hasn’t been very well thought out.