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Old 26th August 2019
Oh man, i used to blast the voyager, its so dark and nothing like a real model D and after you hear the boog, its like yup this is how real model d sounds not the voyager or any of the newer moog products, they totally nail the bass bottom, but the top fizz in the new moogs is absent and that is the magic of the original model D.

The other thing that really makes the boog even kill the original model D, the HP filter is really awesome, it totally can do things a lot of other mono synths cant now. The minibrute and neutron have hp, and bp, but the girth of those oscillator never drive the hp as well as a poly unison or a 3 osc moog can. This synth is WOW. And no monark doesn't even come close. I still like software, but i need analog too.