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@ nsta555 , To record Pro Vocals, you need pro mics and pro preamps.
My ultimate suggestion, simply go and buy Slate Digital VMS One Preamp + ML-1 Mic. at 799$/-

If you have true line input in i22, just insert in it. And get the exact same, i repeat..precisely exact same sound of original 1073/V76 preamps(worth 3000$+) and $10,000 microphones.

If this sounds too marketing type, then dont believe me, believe these. :

What happened when Alex Venguer shot out real 251 mic against Slate Digital VMS 251, find out yourself.

Also with your monitoring system, download the high resolution 96Khz/24 Bit audio files and hear yourself, if you can choose vintage mics over ML-1.

To further add vibe to your tracking experience, add their Slate FG-116/FG-Stress, which are inaudible against hardware and are accurate emulations of real gears..

And if you can spend some more cash, get the VRS8, audio interface, the ultimate one, which competes against 10000$ mastering grade interfaces/convertors with best discrete headphone out amps in market.

You can download the official session, swap out mic modules and hear yourself the quality.

And to add this, i am not from or paid by Slate Digital, but actually amongst many others, using Slate VMS Ml-1 Mic and their everything Bundle.

Plus saving my cash for VRS-8.

I hope you got your answer.