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I was reading this great thread and I have a simple question regarding panel measurement/prediction:

Why 3.6m as a measurement width standard?

"The rest of the table keeps all the test sample widths the same at about 3.6 m to allow ready comparison. When comparing other diffusers in the table, it is important to compare like with like, for example to ensure that the diffusers being compared have the same maximum depth. Trevor J. Cox - Acoustic Absorbers and Diffusers: Theory, Design and Application

Why should we mesure (or calculate) a panel of 3.6m to estimate its behaviour if only a panel of 1.2m is used (so 33,33% of the measured panel)?
Is that important to measure/calculate a 3.6m panel if we don't compare to others?

I mean, if I play with Reflex for a 1.2 m panel design. Looks awesome. But when I calculate for a 3.6 m it's not great. Should I care since the panel will be only 1.2m width?