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Enjoy the blueprints!


P.S. I’ll update this thread when I post more DIY diffuser resources. So stay tuned!
(to download the designs, visit the blue link above)
Hi Tim,

I see the Diffractal base is different than the LeanFuser base.

[0 40 70 60 80 50 10] vs [0, 40, 50, 30, 50, 40, 0]

Will a Diffractal base work better than a LeanFuser base (considering it is deeper (80mm versus 50mm) and asymmetric (no repeats versus 3 repeats in the 7 bays)) without the 2nd layer of narrow diffractal strips added to it ?

I would assume it would perform better than the LeanFuser and not quite as good as the Diffractal Diffuser.

Thanks much.


It looks like some people made "nested LeanFusers" instead of "nested Diffractals".