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The MSQ-700 has been a handy solution for a little Roland cell I use separate from my main setup. Never fortunate enough to have the older Junos but have also used the MSQ-100 along with an AlphaJuno2, all works well.

MSQ-700 would be quite a nice solution for integrating the gear mentioned DIN Sync 303/606/909 and Juno with DCB.

If the SBX-80 is being considered then its worth noting that its fussy about its MIDI in/thru function, doesnt really function as a DIN Sync/MIDI converter. I dont own one but theres some comprehensive threads on here, I had considered it a while back. SBX-10 more suitable.

SBX-1 look pretty useful for synching all that gear and even more if USB is being used but not really helping with the Juno 60 for Jaybird.

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