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Interesting how do you like the AR? I've read people rave about the Elektron stuff before and have been considering getting an Analog 4 or Rytm. Rytm I understand is a drums synth and the A4 is a 4 voice synth - I've seen though you can use it for drums as well but probably not the best tool for the job. Both are reasonable used price now for MK1... I may be tempted
I love my Monomachine. Simple but powerful, my favourite combination.

A4 is way too complicated for me. Analog Rytm is better but it still took me too long to make a simple beat using it so I sold it again. Right now I'm recording using Roland R-8 which is very simple and powerful. My absolute favourite is the Electribe 2 though. I don't like it for melodies or full productions but it is fantastic as a drum machine.

And back on topic: I just bought Atom (ĀµElements) and I'm thinking that I'll mainly use it as a drum voice in my second case. Might be cool.