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I sync all of my Din Sync gear from Logic with various boxes.

I have a 101, 303, 505, 606, 707, 808, TR-77, CR-78, Juno 60 and Jupiter 8 all synced together.

I start with a swing box, I have 2. Swynx and a little DIY passive box I bought on eBay from a guy in Australia. Both work well but the Swynx has a ton of extra features like odd meters and polyrhythms and lets me sync and program my CR-78 so it gets the job most of the time. The DIY box is only used if I want something to have a different swing setting for a complex groove.

Then I send that signal out to 2x Kenton Din Sync 5 splitters. That gives me 9 Din Sync outputs. If I just want arps on the Juno and Jupiter then that’s the end of it.

If I want to sequence the Juno and Jupiter I use midi. The JP8 has encore midi and the Juno uses a Kenton DCB box. All of this syncs perfectly with my System 100m cases and Eurorack setup. On that side I use a Minibrute 2S sequencer and Expert Sleepers ES-3 to output CV and gate from Reaktor Blocks etc. Or even audio to be processed through various modules and effects.

I feel like it’s been a 30 year journey to get all of this old gear and modern plug ins to work together, with all of these Rosetta Stone like boxes, but it’s finally very satisfying to just turn on Logic and have all of this stuff work together.
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Syncing a Daw to my TR-909, TB-303 and Juno 6-400b62a3-a15d-4d8b-88ee-a9e6a7a27a93.jpg   Syncing a Daw to my TR-909, TB-303 and Juno 6-8927afed-2ae5-4c93-82ea-d9cf22d226c8.jpg