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Old 25th August 2019
Here for the gear

RME Hammerfall HDSP 9652 routing question

Hi! Been a while since I've had to ask about converters and such. When I bought this card I had high hopes that i could use the Behringer ADA 8200 to get some solid pre amps and conversion for a good price. My goal with my set up was to use the ADAT on my Hammerfall card to be able to recieve and send from my computer and daw to and from the ADA 8200 for outboard gear. Based on how to ADA 8200 is supposed to work the ADAT out on it send the 8 pre amps to the computer/daw, no problem. and the ADAT IN would go to the analog outputs on the back to send to outboard gear. after which would be routed back through the front to print to my daw.
Meanwhile I use the SPDIF out from my card to a Behringer Ultramatch for conversion and monitoring.

Well, I can't get the signal from my computer/daw to the outputs of the ADA 8200. Ive got a mono line running from it to a compressor just to see if the signal is getting to anything and nothing from a totalmix routing standpoint is working.

im getting signal going into the pre amps with a mic and thats getting into my system so thats working. and im getting sound out of my system through the ultramatch no matter what i change.

Any ideas? Am I missing something? thanks in advance to someone smarter then me!