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Hey all!

@ Dan , @ Andrew Klimek - yes indeed, I picked up updates (installer(s)) and yes, Elevate Bundle installs all 4 tools as a separate ones.

As time went by I just forgot how Elevate Bundle was organized. I picked up a whole Bundle installer as well as separate ones. I always liked having all installer versions somewhere local. Thou it's not necessary these days due to fast internet connections and flat rate net. But, as you know, old habits die hard. Thus backing up all installers and their versions.

Thank you all for replying.

It works like a charm. I can even say that I have a feeling code has been optimized. It's almost like a CPU taxation has been reduced. I don't know this for fact. Just an observation. Maybe Dan can confirm that?

Anyway, great tool and all the best in all future improvements!

There have been some updates that include optimization along the way. I'm not sure which version you had previously installed, so it's hard to say if this code will run faster than what you had. It's certainly possible.