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Pure humidity is not really a problem for most microphones. The problem is sudden development of condensation water which happens when moving the microphone from being cold into hot and humid environment. Water will condense everywhere on and inside of the mic. The surface water will make a big problem until the microphone body temperature warms up to that of the environment.

So, yes, you could be in humid Orogen all your life but never experience any problem with your mics.

I am in New York where it is really hot and humid in the summer; I drive to a gig in an AC cooled car where the mics are much cooler than the temperature of the venue. I plug in my cold mic in the warm un-airconditioned hall and they do spit noise for a while until they all warm up. That happens predictably so you learn to live with it.
This is the nubbin of it: change from one temp and humidity to another. I remember well Manhattan summers. My only cure for them was Italian lemon ice.