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Tool's book contains tons of references to other peoples findings. Those findings are explained in plain easy to understand language leaving out complex math which could scare away the reader. Its content is aimed more at recreational stereo / mutichannel listening in domestic rooms plus choice of speakers for those. In comparison there is very little about control rooms and where that is mentioned it is that people working in them prefer a lower amount of early reflections at work, compared to the listering "ordinary man", while at home they may go along with louder reflections.
+1. In fact, out of nearly 500 pages in his book, he only devotes 8 pages specifically to control rooms (although he does mention them in several other places). His book is not about control rooms: it is mainly about speakers, the ways they can be measured, and what that means in real-world terms, outside of the anechoic test chamber. They way the behave in control rooms is only a very small part of the overall coverage of his book.

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