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The name of Toole’s book is ”Sound Reproduction Loudspeakers and Rooms”. It doesn’t say ”Control Rooms”. The majority of shown rooms in the book are domestic rooms with HiFi speakers and comments are often about how to get enjoyable sound in domestic rooms.

That may coincide with audible (more) accourate sound reproduction of the recording in many cases. But, (more) enjoyable reproduced sound is not always identical with most accourate sound reproduction of the recording. Early reflections from room surfaces may widen and / or deepen the sound stage of what has actually been recorded. = Can be nice for recreational listening, -as you appreciate the effect from your additional (control) room reflections better than the ”straight more dry sound” of the recording iself from the recording room. For correct evaluation and manipulation of the recording, additional reflections within the control room can be seen as detrimenetal for that work though.

Exactly. That's what I thought I had said in my post, that other people wanted to take issue with. I guess I didn't express it clearly enough, though. Early reflections are not desirable in a control room, because they color the sound, in the sense of falsely spreading the sound-stage, but they can be good in rooms such as home theaters, audiophile rooms and other listening rooms, precisely because the improve the sensation of "envelopment", which is great for, as you say "recreational listening". But not for control rooms. After all, if early reflections were not desirable anywhere, as some people seem to think, then concert halls and other performance spaces would sound pretty bad. Producing a large amount of early reflections is a major part of concert hall design. But not control room design. It's two different concepts: the control room is supposed to be flat, neutral, uncolored, and tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. That would sound lousy for recreational listening, but is necessary for control rooms.

That's the point I tried to make before, but it seems to have been misunderstood.

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