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In the wee hours this morning, my internet service provider reset my combo modem/wireless router. So no recognizable network on my computer or phone. So no internet.

The Spectrum guy on the phone (in St. Louis, not Manila) said yeah, that can happen. Usually during maintenance, and usually to more than one subscriber. Which I took to mean, "thousands of them." Or maybe "all of them." So I'm glad I caught it at 5am, before their phone lines blew up.

If my ISP can make it happen accidentally to a few thousand people all at once, it's pretty easy to speculate that a hacker could make it happen on purpose to all of us. Scary.

I don't mean to specifically take Spectrum to task for this; I'm guessing it can happen with every provider. But Spectrum is Time Warner, who made stupid deals that turned the Lakers and the Dodgers into pay TV, and then jacked my monthly internet fee from $44 to $67 to pay for it, and then changed their name to Spectrum so I'd forget who they actually are.

So I say eff Spectrum anyway.
Most folks seem to hate their ISPs. (I don't, but I've ground my teeth over them a few times.) Most of the ISPs around So Cal [where Brent also is] seem to charge about $65 for basic high speed internet (or land line service or conventional cable TV) and about twice that on up to $200 or for the whole threeway package and the extras that folks who go that route often choose (movie and sports bundles and the like).

FWIW, my Internet goes down maybe a couple times a year briefly, an hour or two. (Sometimes it'll be hinky for a day or two.) [I just realized that I have the same outfit as Brent, Spectrum, though I still think of the company as Charter. Old guy livin' in the past. ]

I own my own router but the modem is the company's. They seem to have finally settled on a fairly trouble free one. I guess they've changed them up maybe three to five times in the 15 years I've been here.

Here's what can be a very handy little tool -- reporting service status across major providers: