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Since everybody is claiming a general rule from their anecdotal experiences, I can only add mine. I've had it happen it twice with a CMC5MK41. First time, outside in the rain, inside a Rycote, no rain got in to the mic. Crackling and popping. Second time, after it had been serviced by Schoeps, restored to as new, after a night stored in a very humid environment, next morning fizzing and popping.
So, it does happen, and has nothing to do with dirty capsules. Why it happens to some and not others is not something I can explain, but if it hasn't happened to you, it doesn't meant they aren't prone to it, in certain circumstances.
It wasn't a big issue, because I switched to my Sennheisers, which never, ever display that kind of behaviour. But it's good to be aware of it.