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Interesting how do you like the AR? I've read people rave about the Elektron stuff before and have been considering getting an Analog 4 or Rytm. Rytm I understand is a drums synth and the A4 is a 4 voice synth - I've seen though you can use it for drums as well but probably not the best tool for the job. Both are reasonable used price now for MK1... I may be tempted
As an A4 mk1 owner.. you can synthesize percussion, but you're not going to have fun with the ui and sequencer for that purpose, it will take time. If percussion is your primary goal, I'd get an AR mk2. Sounds better for bread and butter imo.

If you have a load of drum machines, A4 is a great addition for weird sound design and percussion. More modulation than you can shake a very large stick at. Check out the elektronauts forum and demos of percussion soundpacks like FM drums.

I love the A4, it's more marmitey than AR though due to quirky filters and oscs.