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The directivity off axis could explain the difference?
It is not that simple... Driver choice also play a role, cabinet diffraction, amplifier... etc. My loudspeaker designs looks like "conventional"... nothing special to see on them.

From my deduction, choosing some of many measurable characteristics, and give them "most important role", make people's discussion easier about topic... but doesn't explain everything what actually happening.

Listening and mixing session in acoustically treated room with loudspeakers is best way to make conclusions, if we talk about professional production application of acoustically treated control rooms and loudspeakers. Mix translation and satisfaction of your customers and your own, is a best way to measure influence of acoustical design of room and monitoring loudspeakers. This system need to motivate you to learn more, and be better. And that is not just about couple of measured characteristics, that is too easy. It is more about honest communication between acoustic designer and mixing engineer/producer, and their both skill level, then we can have results. Of course, if he is the same person (acoustic designer and mixing engineer)... principle is the same.

I professionally respect frequency response, after CR treatment is finished, just for nulls/dips we have to solve in rooms, because what you cannot hear, you cannot control.

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