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BIA + wasp filter I find a cracking, versatile combo. Every time I play with BIA, I'm amazed by its versatility. BPF and HPF can take the edge off hats and what not.

But.. far and away my fave is DFAM... Mind. Blowing. My favourite feature is you can add fricken laser beams to almost any form of percussion :D

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Originally Posted by chrisso View Post
If you look online, there are more and more important female synthesists and musicians. And drummers by the way, which is my personal thing.
I actually think Gearslutz has a blind spot in this area - which is why I don't post here much any more.
I'd describe this forum as a collectors forum, that so happened to have some great musicians and good folks. Consumerism attracts unhappy people, that feels like the gravity at the mo.