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The name of Toole’s book is ”Sound Reproduction Loudspeakers and Rooms”. It doesn’t say ”Control Rooms”. The majority of shown rooms in the book are domestic rooms with HiFi speakers and comments are often about how to get enjoyable sound in domestic rooms.

That may coincide with audible (more) accourate sound reproduction of the recording in many cases. But, (more) enjoyable reproduced sound is not always identical with most accourate sound reproduction of the recording. Early reflections from room surfaces may widen and / or deepen the sound stage of what has actually been recorded. = Can be nice for recreational listening, -as you appreciate the effect from your additional (control) room reflections better than the ”straight more dry sound” of the recording iself from the recording room. For correct evaluation and manipulation of the recording, additional reflections within the control room can be seen as detrimenetal for that work though.
Toole use the harman test rooms also. For his writes on the early reflections, he uses the works make by an other guy in an acoustic controlled if I remember well (i could be wrong)

Control room following what design? Between the LEDE/RFZ, the RFZ only or the NE as the Hidley design or the ambechoic or nothing (personal design) or following the ebu 3276, there are great differences.

And as i wrote, the world of the ME is not monolithic.