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Then I wonder how people managed to get stereo images in rooms that are not designed as RFZ? If the RFZ is what creates the stereo image, then how do those people get stereo images when there is no RFZ?

- Stuart -
Hey Stuart, I thought you understand that the stereo image is a product of the direct sound of the speakers in their equilateral triangle that the listener can enjoy. RFZ does not "create" anything.

Now I understand why you do not appreciate this 60 degree angled triangle. The RFZ design ensures that the room will not interfere with the direct sound at listening position for mid range and high frequencies.

Show me design concepts where this is not done.

There are only two ways to do it: absorption or redirection of reflections.

So room-in-room concepts are following redirection, no contradiction to the basic idea to avoid first and maybe second order reflections to the listening position.

Originally Posted by Soundman2020 View Post
For the record, it is entirely possible to get a good stereo image without having an RFZ. I thought it was important to correct that error.

- Stuart -
For the record: I found it important this morning to correct the flaw in your reasoning.

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