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Im working on a song (not finnished), i feel that my guitars are too fat when i compare my track to commercial songs, i have not used eq at all on my guitars, (im using amplitube btw) i've done it on earlier versions of this song, but it sounds worse when i eq it. So what are yours opinion on my mix? and how would you fix my too fat guitars the best way without killing its character? Listen to 1.6 by Ruben Vike VĂ¥ge on #SoundCloud
You can use some overdrives (tube screamer ...) of some fuzz pedals (on very low gain) which are known to thin and tighten low end. Pushing a bit more mids and lowering bass controls on tour amp may help (don't do too much there)
Some guitars (like strats on bridge pickup) are naturally thin. Layering a couple of amps and introducing phasing can do it too. And of course you mic technique can help (the easiest is placing the mic right on the centre of the speaker and compensating with the amp eq for the extra bite (presence) and top end)