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Old 23rd August 2019
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I’m glad you’re on your way to getting something which you feel you can work with, and which will help you make music, my friend! That’s what these forums are all about, right?!

Let us know how it works out for you—and share some music when you’ve made it!

Thanks Steve! I certainly am looking forward to getting it! I am not that hard to please actually, as long a I have something that 'I' think sounds good and is easy to use, to get results I desire, then I am happy. I just didn't want it on the back of my mind that I made an impulse purchase, without properly looking at all my options, cause then it would bother me, that perhaps I could have had something better and would always wonder. I think more than enough effort was put into narrowing down this unit, so I should be quite pleased with it.