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for all the bitching I did in this thread, this module keeps blowing me away. I love the sounds I can get out of it. well, I get out what I put in. for sure I'm gonna signup for Pauls next kickstarter super module.

I'm really looking forward to for even more wavetable creation options.
Yeah, the E370 is a special module.. It amazes me how hi-fi it sounds - everything coming out of it sounds just.. crisp and clear, clean and fresh.. I don´t have the right words for it, but it being the wonder of fidelity that it is, it makes the post-processing much easier.
I haven´t spent enough time with it by far, but i´m looking forward to do it.

Also looking forward to new things coming my way from Mr. Paul S, and thinking about joining the kickstarter campaign. I sorely regret missing it for the 370, sure i got my hands on one anyway but to a much higher cost. And the GAS was terrible.

Thanks for the link to, looks promising and very useful!