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What mics do you use when recording verses and choruses? Do you need more than 1 or 2 for different sounds like high and low voice or can one Shure mic do it all?
The mics i use depend on:
1. The sound source
2. Its tonal characteristics
3. The sound i want for the mix
4. The room i'm in
5. the vibe i want to portray
6. Personnel preferences

Every situation will be different. Using A certain microphone manufacturer from another is YOUR choice and is a very broad question. Sure makes over 200 mics and all are different in some way or another. Mics are very personnel.

I do not use certain mics for certain parts of a song, and i do not use a certain manufacturer for mic's. But if that works for you, then that is YOUR right way. But not mine.

You need to try the mics for yourself and see if you like how it sounds in that specific mic. What you like and what We like will be different in every situation.