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That guitar solo is, for me, one of the best ever. The tone, the notes, the awesomeness
That guitar solo... that song... to me...

My Da had a job where he went around the world. I heard that song...

Dun-Dun Da
Dun-Dun Da

It was like the Jaws music. Anyway...

The bass player had a logo-thing on him in that video. THAT was what drove me nuts when I was young. I was fascinated. My dad eventually came back to me in Dublin and said... its a sport called ice-hockey... the team is called the Chicago Blackhawks! ! !

Dun-Dun Da
Dun-Dun Da

THAT was MY thing! Se's thing was Queen!

That solo (if you can call it that)... that groove at the end... them fingers.

Music... the love...

the mud on our face