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Old 23rd August 2019
Here for the gear

If anoyne is interested in the results of my plugin testing and different mix approach:

I decided to go Dangerous Music's BAX because it is really good for giving your synths a last touch.

I'm also gonna use the Pulteq EQ's when i think i need to boost a little bit more than with the 'BAX'.

I tried the Vertigo VSM-3 and it sounds great! So Harmonically rich and crisp.
It can be a little bit heavy though, so you need to be careful and use it subtle.

The Maag EQ-4 is also great, especially the 'AIR' knob, which is really giving life to some mixes/synths.

On my mixbus I tried Maag Eq-4 with very subtle settings but 'AIR' on 6.
I also used the VSM 'Hi-FI your mix preset and tweaked it to my liking.
After that I used the bx_townhall compressor.

I also tried some dynamic EQ's which worked out to be pretty good and will be in my mixing toolbox for every mix from now on.

All in all together these things really started to give my mixes more life and I think I will stick to this approach of mixing.

Thanks for your help guys!