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Old 23rd August 2019
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Hi Steve,

From comparing the two manuals, there is definitely quite a few differences in listed effects. Same general idea, but unless the names are simply different for the same thing, there is definitely some differences.

Some of the top ones I see mentioned are Delay L C R, Symphonic and Freeze, which are listed in both and that is good. Outside of those, I just want decent reverb, delay and modulation like phaser, flanger, chorus etc and I think either unit will be fine for those choices.

Anything is better than what I have now, which is nothing outside of my Midiverb II and I still refuse to want to use plugins, so I think I may look into the SPX1000, simply because it will interface to my existing equipment better, as per your suggestion. From doing a quick look, the price is no different really, between the 990 and the 1000. Now it is just finding one in half decent shape that I am happy with!

You have been most valuable to helping me make this decision Steve. I do appreciate your long and detailed replies.

Don't take this wrong everyone else though, I do appreciate ALL the suggestions and replies that were made. Really, thank you all!