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Old 23rd August 2019
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Yes, things are definitely becoming easier for me!

I just went again and looked at the difference between the 990 and the 1000 and besides it being odd that the lower model had the balanced inputs and I have no clue why that is, it was mentioned that the 990 has more memory slots and also has the memory card slot. Besides that, is there any other differences? Does the 990 have any programs/presets/effects that the 1000 doesn't, or are they literally the same in that regard, with the 1000 having even more?

I just want to make sure I know what I am missing out on, if anything, with the 1000. I just never heard of the 1000 mentioned much, it seems to be the 90, 90 II and 990 mentioned all the time. I believe the 1000 is older and the 990 is actually an improved version of that? I don't get their descending numbering scheme, for later models.

Thanks so much again for all your help.