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Originally Posted by Dave Polich View Post
Trying to resist the urge to...okay..can’t
resist asking..

Amplitube Brian May doesn’t require
a processor with the AVX instruction set,
does it?
It does not as it runs in AmpliTube 4's engine.

Originally Posted by telecode View Post
The fact that the pick and mix deal started before this release is a little weak of an argument. I feel there is not enough newer guitar based products and seems to lean more towards the Tracks 5 products which puts people that are interested more in guitar and not that much into mastering and mixing at a bit of a disadvantage.

I think IK should put it on as it's one of the newer products for guitar of this is supposed to push sales on Amplitube in a crowded guitar software market.

Just my 2.cents.
We never put products that come out after a promotion starts into that promotion that's 2/3 done. It's a logistical nightmare on top of the qualifying products being laid out already in general for those participating. Not to mention that new products are rarely given away free. What other newer guitar collections are not there? The rest that were out should be represented (Dimebag - newest before this one, Slash, Orange, Jimi Hendrix, Fender, Fender 2, Metal, etc).