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Originally Posted by Arthur Stone View Post
The next video has some demo's and patches with Jamie:
I've watched quite a few videos with Jamie Humphries and if there's someone I trust to nail the Brian May sound, it's him. And if he says he put the presets together, then I absolutely trust that he's done a good job.

Originally Posted by Peter - IK View Post
He does have and use a Red Special for a lot of his Queen work but he's used various guitars for the AmpliTube Brian May materials - I'm told we'll have another video from him using a guitar that is not a Red Special to show off how the Red Special stomp works (and from experience using it for a while it sure does!!).
Yeah, he briefly used a humbucker in that video and it sounded pretty damn good!

Originally Posted by Peter - IK View Post
You should definitely give the demo a try too, the presets are really great to start (I hadn't used them until very recently and was also able to make great Brian May - and other - tones easily even without them).
I will!

I see in Custom Shop that this is available for 80 credits (and seeing as I have 10 left in my account, I only need to buy the 75 credit pack Any idea Peter this long this 80 credit promotion will last for?