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Judging by the video, it sounds quite authentic (for amp sim), reminded me of listening to A Night At The Opera on vinyl for the first time. Exciting sound. The 3 Vox spatial effect is cool and I like the sag/compression of the little lead amp.
Thank you for the kind words! We're very proud of this (and our recent gang of releases) and glad you like what you hear. As a longtime fan, I have been excited over this for a while. Glad we can finally share it with all of you.

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does it qualify for the group buy?
The Pick & Mix Group Buy started before this release and this is not a part of that promotion

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The audio demos at IK sound fabulous, but... they were performed by Jamie Humphries who is as close to Brian May as it's possible to get and probably used a Red Special which is (other than BM's fingers) really important in getting the BM sound.

Definitely gonna have to demo this for sure though. It's a toss-up between MODO drums and this I guess. I'm a drummer at heart and a crappy guitarist when I'm making music and yet this is the one that excites me more!
He does have and use a Red Special for a lot of his Queen work but he's used various guitars for the AmpliTube Brian May materials - I'm told we'll have another video from him using a guitar that is not a Red Special to show off how the Red Special stomp works (and from experience using it for a while it sure does!!). You should definitely give the demo a try too, the presets are really great to start (I hadn't used them until very recently and was also able to make great Brian May - and other - tones easily even without them).

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Thanks cprompt!
The next video has some demo's and patches with Jamie:

It's interesting to hear the sounds in isolation.
YES! Jamie is amazing. Thanks for posting this.