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Great read ShadowsOfLife, thank you!

Thanks for clarifying how the SPX works. To be honest, I am not too fussed about its limitations, as that is actually desirable for me. One effect at a time, or combo effects is fine as well. For the kind of music I do (early 90's rave/Jungle), it was all about working with what you had and getting the most from the least. That is why I am trying to source gear that would have actually been around and used at that time, as opposed to newer stuff. With that being said, I am actually not going after the 'best audio' I can get. It is actually why I am hesitant on getting brand new boxes, as they may be too clean and crisp for my liking. Considering all my synths are mid 90's based and the Midiverb II is late 80's based, that is the actual sound I am going for. Lower resolution, slightly noisy, darker, etc. I think 16bit convertors, with 44.1khz and less is perfect. 24bit, 128x oversampling, 96khz will likey stand out too much in the mix, against everything else that is much lower in quality.

I am quite happy with what the Midiverb II does to my pads, etc, so if this 'matrixed' sound is suppose to be a problem, I am ok with that! If other boxes work the same, that is great too, as then the sound will be as expected and uniform!

In regards to my unbalanced Mogami cables, I was thinking of just sticking with those, even if it isn't technically 'as good', sound quality wise. The outputs of my synths are unbalanced anyways, so I see no benefit of going unbalanced into balanced. With a high quality cable such as Mogami being used and at only 3ft in length, I shouldn't have a problem right, unless there is something else I am missing outside of 'possible extra noise' being heard?

I have not looked into the SPX 1000, from reading quickly last night, It seemed the 990 was actually better in some regards? I will definitely look into the 1000 though, to see what I can come up with!

So many decisions, but I know with all this help, I will make the best one possible and have a unit that I can enjoy, for years to come!

Thanks so much again for all your time and efforts ShadowsOfLife (and everyone!)