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Originally Posted by robshrock View Post
Or let me put it another way...

Let's say I have a buss of handclaps that currently peak at -3 dB. I want to set the output to match that... I guess manually and pull that down to -3 dB.

I want that to lock, so that I can step through the presets and hear the gradual onset of saturation until it "sits" where I want it to. I would have thought the Auto function would do that; but I'm not finding that as effective. Maybe I'm not using it properly. (?)

Ultimately, I want to hear the level stay roughly the same, just change the tone and thickness as I audition presets, etc. As always, when something gets louder it's easy to think it's better. Trying to find a process that moves quickly.

AUTO keeps the gain the same, so if you add 10 dB it brings the output level down 10dB. In general this will lead to no level differences, but if you're really hitting the distortion it'll be quieter.

That said, if you're clicking through presets, I think the AUTO button gets loaded with the presets, so it might get turned off when you load a preset. I actually don't recall off the top of my head, so I'll have to check tomorrow.

Elevate has a GAIN LOCK function which sounds more similar to what you're looking for, but I'm not 100% sure.