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Definitely don't do it if you can't swing it this month. I think it's a really great product too, but you probably don't NEED it. Gotta take care of those finances.

On this note, we do need people to get behind innovation.

I didn't need this, or any another plugin these past months, I just love some of the stuff that's coming out of DSP land. Especially fringe things.

So every penny spent on good innovative developers is an investment in a common future.

I know I'm addicted, my car broke (started cycling), my glasses broken (duck tape), but I need my plugin fix first.

Seeing innovation, year after year, giving me the access to a world I thought was not accessible full stop.

Loading up a virtual Buchla with a Eventinde Phaser on top is a marvel to witness at a fraction of a price, and at the lowest possible carbon footprint that a audio tool can have.

Without music and sound I would have been lost years ago.
Can't put a price on that.

Just gotta be careful some corporations love it