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First, set your sample rate at 88 or 96 khz to minimize problems with aliasing and eq cramping. Then you just have to try stuff and see what you think. If you want to go all in, buy a UAD Octo and get the 1176, Distressor, Helios, and some of the other newer emulations. For analog eq, my favorite is Softube Tube Tech MK II. There’s a few tapes to get. Tapedesk, Satin, Cranesong Phoenix, and IK Multimedia are what I would recommend.

BX SSL E console from Plugin Alliance is my favorite analog channel strip.

Overloud Dopamine is an essential analog plugin to me.

Other eqs...try Dangerous Bax and Museq.

You really just gotta try stuff and come up with your own chains. Try some vintage fx too. Transatlantic Plate, SP 2016, Lexicon 224 and 480, AMS RMX 16, and Eventide harmonizers. EC-300, Echoes, Precision, and Echo Farm for delays.

VSE-2 is a great eq with some of the best analog harmonics.

VSM-3 is a top saturator from the same company.

It’s going to take time to learn things, so the best thing is just to pick out some stuff and commit to learning it.