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Old 21st August 2019
Here for the gear

To the best of my knowledge nothing is running in the background, but I'll have to try and confirm that. As far as the Firewire chipset I'll repost later with the exact model and chipset, but I did do a bunch of research before buying it specifically for my Saffire so I'm inclined to say that it is not the issue.

I have tried various sample rates and buffer sizes and still run into the same issue. I may try the 32bit version of reaper, i'm not sure what the drawbacks would be of running that.

The hard drive situation is an interesting point though, when I first started running this setup I didnt have any dropout issues. If I remeber correctly it wasn't until after I changed the way projects were saved and stored that I started running into this. I have a 1TB 7200 and a 128 SSD. The way I tried to set it up is so that my OS and Programs run off of the SSD and the media/project files are saved on my 7200, but perhaps I screwed that up somehow. I'll have to revisit my computer tonight and provide more details.

I really appreciate your time and assistance!