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The trick now (for me) is slotting this alongside Gullfoss and Bassroom (which I will be demoing soon) in addition to the usual eq/compression.

My instinct is telling me Spectre first, then Bassroom, finishing with Gullfoss.

Also: what are everyone's favorite modes for highs? I haven't used Spectre much but have usually used Solid or Tape for my high end, but may try diode as well.
Highs on Output Bus I use Solid. Tape is nice on Drum Bus. Diode on GTRs (modestly).

Bassroom should be last in the chain you mentioned above because it calculates the amount of bass relative to the high freq content. At least that's my understanding of how it works.

Edit: Use a full spectrum phase correlation meter (like the one in Metric AB) when using any 'side' only application with spectre on the high freqs. It is very powerful and if used heavily can knock your top end out of phase.