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I don't need my hearing validated by strangers on the internet,
So do I not need my degree of understanding the digital sound matters to be evaluated by Internet strangers.

With regards to your linking DAT and DDL, again, those things are completely unrelated. You may as well include DASH, DA88, and even Pro Tools to that list of 'resolution killers'.
I specified DAT only in the context of the mix storage medium used by one of the biggest producers in the genre. Although my point stands for any digital format with lesser than say 88/96 khz sample rate.

And let's not even get into the hip hop-specific quandary of 32k 12-bit samplers and their impact on 'depth'.
As you may know, the sound fatness\chunkiness\forwardness of the samples used in production is just a part of the picture. The vocals, the spatial FX and EQ\dynamics as well as summing were not done at the sampler's resolution of 32k 12bit. Do not mix up things.

What you're effectively arguing is that no worthy digital reference material existed prior to the advent of Pro Tools HD in the early 2000s. Is that your position? If so, then why the preoccupation with DAT (a storage format, and one which you've never actually used)?
No, I did not mention ProTools specifically. It is just that digital at 44/48 kHz, be it DAT, DASH, CD-DA, PCM Wav file has less resolution than either a master tape, a 96 PCM file, or a vinyl cut from either of the former two sources without low sample rate DDL. Yes, my point is that for me CDs or vinyls cut by using or from non-high-res digital gear/source are not a valid reference, or just not good enough anymore.

Are you familiar with the concept of oversampling? Most modern DACs don't actually record the signal at 44.1k or 48k. They record the signal at much, much higher resolutions. So, there aren't really a lot of "DAC artifacts" relative to the sampling process.
Most DACs' biggest weakness is the analog section, and all the high resolution sampling in the world can't fix what's already been broken by that.
So DACs even got used to record. Quite a new function to me. I and many other always knew DACs were to convert digital data to analogue voltage.
And yes, I do know about delta sigma ADCs and oversampling.
As for the DAC filters having more optimal work conditions at higher sample rates, there are several threads on GS and other forums.