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I've spent some time prototyping this in Saturate. If I do it I want to make sure it will be a tangible improvement rather a silly spec arms race.
For shure this is the way how to make plugins and I appreciate it - firstly good sounding without oversampling and than try if it can be even better with oversampling (maybe for render only).

OK here I tried with metaplugin demo and its maximum 4x oversampling. On one track heavy kick - best showcase of clipper high freq rattle. Result: "no" difference for saturate.

But I tried the same on Elevate and mix bus and even the 4x oversampling for 44.1 makes result less edgy and more refined.

I wrote it because in Elevate in sum of the other processes I cannot use on my material more than smallest drive (0.1) on clipper and even the smoothest shape in clipper makes kicks and loud mid freq peaks distorted not smoothly - more edgy.