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Lives for gear

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How did you get out of being stuck with some aspects of mixing?
Define "being stuck." If you mean not being able to get the sound I want, I research more and try more. If you mean just burnout, I stop, put it all away, and come back when I'm not feeling burned out any more.

Did you just take it slow, let time pass and see if you'd figure it out? Did you buy new gear? Did you watch tutorials on YouTube?
For me the answer to figuring something out or getting "unstuck" is never buying new gear. Not a youtube fan for anything informational, though I won't say I never use it.

How do you feel about all of the information on the Internet vs just doing your own thing at your own pace?
? How are they mutually exclusive? I think the internet is a blessed curse. What's great about it is there's a ton of information out there. What sucks about it is there's a ton of information out there. i.e. there's some great stuff and it's free and instantly accessible...but sometimes you really do have to do a lot of separating the wheat from the chaff, as you alluded to earlier.