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As I said, a particular ADC does not matter as much as the sample rate.
That is...a unique position.

My concern is right about the 48 kHz DAT limitation which prohibits using say 2001 on vinyl as a reference since Dre been mixing to DAT read 48 PCM.
Well, as some DATs allowed for higher sample rates to be used, it's sort of a moot point, but, properly-implemented 48khz capture is more than adequate. But again, the argument about sample rates is a boring one that has been hashed out more times than i can count. If your argument is about sample rates, that's fine. I won't bother refuting you. But you keep bringing up DATs, which is silly, because DAT is a storage medium, not a sample rate.

In terms of 2001 on vinyl...I'm not sure I see your point. Does that record sound good to you or not? I think it sounds great. The format for capture and storage is irrelevant. If you think it sounds bad or good, i can assure you DAT had little to do with it. And this tie-in you're trying to make with vinyl and cutting via DDL is strange. It literally has nothing to do with DAT at all. What is the connection you're trying to make with these unrelated things?

At best, it seems you're misunderstanding some fundamental aspect about the workings of digital audio.