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Pond 5 just announced a drop in sync split from 50/50 to 35/65, and announced Pond 5 Publishing. This is essentially a re-title function.
It's an inevitability. Pond5 is not a sustainable business model. They lose money every year while telling everyone how great they are doing.

They needed to change the sync split and NOW take the publishing to even try and stay afloat. They are the music equivalent to a dot com. They raised $61mil in venture capital funding and claim to make $20mil a year. But yet they now have to take an extra 15% of the sync and now take the publishing? they must have burned through the $61mil and are operating in the red and can't attract more investment until they show more net revenue.

The fact that they are doing this gives peek into what is really going on behind the scenes in the company. If they were making a lot of money and had a healthy profit margin with the 50/50 and no publishing, they would never have to do this.

This is what happens when you undervalue your own product and not understand the industry you are trying to operate in.