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Thank for the tip on MuteTone and the detailed description. I'm not sure at first read how I can get this to work with the Furman, but it's a solid starting point to experiment with. The big unknown for me with using the Console as a "console" to route audio for overdubs is how the ADC lines up with playback from Pro Tools and the monitored input channels. But I'll give it a go!
Conceptually, the Console App kind of works like a hardware console, in the sense that it sits "in front of" your interface. The exception is that the already-recorded tracks in Pro Tools do not go through the console. They just go straight to your monitor and headphones.

Today I was dubbing some reel to reel tapes for a client and I was thinking 'boy this 80's music is full of that really short delay sound". Then I realized I had both the console and Pro Tools up in the monitor and I was hearing the latency difference.

I'm not sure at first read how I can get this to work with the Furman,
My headphone distribution box sits in the rack just below the Apollo. I literally take a TRS patch cable from the first headphone jack in the Apollo and run it to the "Main In" of the headphone box. I use the second headphone jack for myself, unless there are musicians needing an independent mix. In which case HP 2 of the Apollo goes into another channel. .

My HP box has individual aux ins for each of four different channels. Also in the front. I can create a second mix using sends in the console and route it to that other Apollo headphone jack. And I think I can make two more mono mixes and send them out of line outputs 7 and 8, but I haven't tried that yet.

The way my HP box is set up, the main input goes to all 4 channels, and each channel has a separate Aux In as well.