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Originally posted by faeflora
I was having big problems with the midi configuration program too. Sometimes it worked, most of the time it didn't at all. I thought it could have been OMS too. It wasn't.

I sent it back to lucid, and they did a free mod to it. When I got it back, everything worked as it should. Instant responses.
Hmm. I had a couple quick phone and e-mail conversations with Trent while I was having the problems. He didn't mention anyone else having the same issues though, and I just ended up realizing that it was when I used the progam that things went haywire. Since then I've just left it at that and ended up putting the Lucid in a spot where the dipswitches are accessible. It sucks having to power cycle for the changes to take effect though.


I'm not sure that you can route signal the way you want to. I thought it was all one way or nothing.
In the program you can set it up that way and I'm pretty sure I used it like that before. Could be wrong.


What are you recording to? Do you want 16 bit format to save space? I just got the crane song dither and will be trying it out soon. Different dither sounds different.
To Pro Tools LE. I would occasionally use 16 bit as a space saver mainly - record practices, pre-prod, that sort of stuff.

I've been playing with the dither too. Scott gave it to me quite a well ago and I never got around to it. I think I can finally hear a difference. I've never been able to tell much between type 1/2 Waves dithers which are what I had been using. I've been playing around a lot recently with analog vs digital summing, Cranesong vs Waves dither, use of the HEDD and where I do it the process, etc and I think I may finally be arriving at a overall process that works for me and my setup, and sounds how I like it.