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Hey Dan,

oh well, as many already said before me, what's there nicer than all those zeroes and ones that can be said to dev? And coincidently a guy?! Hahahaha... ;-)

No really, praises are here to stay! Complete Elevate Bundle (I really have it full and use it full) has been (and is!) a great tool from the day one. And over the course of time you've been just checking in all the time with improvemnts and details around it! Great tool. I love it! People love it. Support (my honest opinion) is great and it's even better when you know you can ask here (or thru official channel, of course) and get your answer. No matter what!

Annyway, thank you for novelties. I haven't (still) catch the time to download latest installation version which I am so going to do as soon as I get to the studio. My question the other day was while in transit but other things got in front of everything. Hopefully all will go smooth and without any issue.

I am surely testing it later this evening and installing the latest. Can you tell me does this latest installer installs 4 separate tools instead of Elevate Bundle tool which had it combined within one tool. In one GUI, in one tool?

Thank you!

Hi Krešo,

The Elevate Bundle install installs 4 different plugins, Elevate (the limiter which contains all the technology), as well as EQuivocate EQ, Saturate clipper/overdrive, and Punctuate transient shaper. The Elevate Bundle (on sale now) license authorizes all four plugins.